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Dodge® Li'l Red Express Truck™

A website dedicated to the preservation and restoration of 1978 and 1979 Dodge® Li'l Red Express™ Trucks, online resources and information about the Dodge® Li'l Red Express Truck™.  A website for Li'l Red Express™ fans and Mopar® lovers of all ages.  We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvements we can make to the website we want to be your one stop source for Dodge® truck information and Dodge® parts.

We welcome you to contact us if you have Dodge® parts for sale or trade, please email us or just post a quick note on our online forum and list your Dodge® parts for free.  Please keep your posts to only Dodge® and Mopar® parts.
The Dodge® Li'l Red Express™ is an American classic.  This truck has won the hearts of many Mopar® fans over the years.  With a very short production period and limited copies produced it's become a legend on it's own.  The Dodge® Li'l Red Express™ was the last pre-government regulation muscle truck ever manufactured.  This unique Dodge® truck is appreciated around the world.

Many folks never realized that this Dodge® truck was even a production vehicle, they thought it was customized by a few crazed Mopar fans.  The Dodge® Li'l Red Express™ with the stainless steel exhaust stacks is truly a "Big Rig" on the road.

Are you having an event, car show or swap meet and would like to share your event with Mopar® owners and enthusiasts, please email us at info@1978-79LilRedExpress.com and we will be happy to post your event at no-charge.  Anytime a "Little Red" shows up you know it's going to be a great event.  Dodge® truck events are the best, just ask a Dodge® truck owner!

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